With nearly a thosand wedding performances under our sleeves, Hikaru wedding band is the ideal band for your big day!

Versatility is the key to keep your guests entertained, as your guests are made up of people from different age groups and cultural background, you definitely want a band that can rise to the occasion and make the audience happy. Hikaru is known for our versatility and experience, and our repertoire covers not only sentimental love songs, but also uptempo groovy numbers, top 40 club hits, jazzy classic tunes and even ethnical songs in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Indian, and even some Latin and French songs.

Shanghai Jazz

Hikaru Shanghai Jazz band is one of our greatest prides and is constantly in huge demand.

Let us take you back in time to the golden era of Shanghai elegance with nostalgic Chinese tunes from yesteryears. The crooners from Hikaru are exceptional in bringing life to the fun melodies and flirtatious lyrics of the good-old classic tunes in new interpretation. Let’s relive glitz and glamour of Shanghai together!


We live in a multi-racial country, where people from different races and origins combine and form a colorful Malaysian culture that is so unique which sets us apart from all other countries in the world.

This is what inspires the Hikaru Fusion band, where we pick musical instruments from different ethnicity and blend them together to create an exotic sound that is a reflection of the rich Malaysian culture. We have won rave reviews performing at art showcases and government related cultural events, and we promise it will be a wholesome experience you will not forget.


Looking for a band to bring some festivity joy to your event? Look no further!

Every year Hikaru has performed in numerous festivity shows during Christmas, Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn festival, where celebrate these festivals with you with our fun and lively festive music.

Other themes

One of Hikaru’s greatest strength is versatility, and we provide bands that carry different themes to suit your needs.

Some of the themes we carry include Broadway, Masquerade, Beach, Retro and String Quartet. These are very distinctive bands that has different look and feel, presenting repertoire based on different themes, to create a cohesive atmosphere with your event.

With nearly a thosand wedding performances under our sleeves, Hikaru wedding band is the ideal band for your big day!


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